The Five Key Principles that Lead to Action

December 5, 2017 /

At Keal, it’s not enough to simply develop and offer broker management solutions. While we hold a reputable image through our functional solutions and continually introduce creative ways to boost productivity and workflow, we take an even bigger pride in how we conduct business with our broker clients.

Our parent company, Vertafore, believes that focusing on customers’ needs and concerns leads to a level of trust and security which evolves the way the insurance industry functions. Considering insurance is all about relationships, Vertafore’s mission is to place people at the heart of insurance technology.  With that said, we’d like to introduce to you how we do things our way, the Vertafore Way.

The Key Principles We Live By

These particular set of values have been built through consultancy of a team of people working together:

  1. Win together: At Vertafore, we truly believe two is better than one as teamwork is a big part of who we are. We consider working together to be a leading factor in accomplishing greatness. Although we all hold differing opinions, respect and empathy can go a long way. We are advocates of cross-functional collaboration and assume all action is done with positive intent.
  2. Bias to action: Our main goal is to allocate our efforts to accomplish the greatest results for our colleagues, clients and company. Our members are cohesive in taking action to make an impact in the realm of insurance technology.
  3. Show up curious: It is essential to persistently ask questions when curious or as needed, as there is always an opportunity to learn and grow. An idea may spark that could lead you on your next business venture. This is why we encourage each other to think outside the box as it is a method to fuel a creativity and push boundaries. For us to deliver the absolute best service to our clients, we ensure to cloud our minds with thought-provoking industry knowledge in order to stand out in our trade.
  4. Customer success is our success: How our customers are doing is a direct correlation to how successfully we’re catering to their needs. We guarantee authentic relationships are built in order to move forward. If we do not actively listen to the desires of our broker clients, they surely won’t attain the results they’re after. Our customers are in the back of our mind in everything that we do and their happiness is our priority.
  5. Say it, do it: For us, actions speak louder than words. We are strong promoters of sticking to our word. We are sure to only make promises we can keep, as we always want to remain credible to our clients. We honor our commitments to our customers no matter what to make it evident that they can always count on us. So remember if you’re going to say you’re going to get something done, do it!

At Vertafore, we have been introducing and will continue to introduce new solutions such as eSignatures, a mobile app, a cloud service and much more, all while keeping our newly found principles in mind. While it is vital to keep up with client requests and alter broker management solutions to fit their requirements in this digital world, it is extremely helpful to have a set of principles such as these to fall back on.


Laurent Nadeau

Vice President, Sales, Marketing and Client Solutions