Unlock the power of productivity with MyBrokerHome broker dashboard: Simplify, streamline, and succeed! 


Information at
your fingertips to
boost productivity

  • Serve customers faster 
  • Increase responsiveness and retention 
  • Workflow consistency 
  • Enhanced team collaboration 
  • Intuitive user experience 
  • Improved visibility 
MyBrokerHome dashboard

Why MyBrokerHome?

Better Team Collaboration 
Managers can monitor multiple team members’ workload and in-progress workflows from different departments. 

Facilitate employee onboarding 
Reduce time commitment to onboard new team members through workflow standardization and consistency. 

Information at your fingertips 
A dashboard providing a complete view of today’s work. 

A cohesive and modern user interface 
Web-based interface for an improved UI/UX that will grow and scale with your brokerage. 

Enhanced pipeline visibility 
Ability to see what new applications are pending in real-time to push to closed won. 
Trigger sales-generating motions within workflows to aid users.  

Empowerment, efficiency, and growth, all in one

Customizable dashboards

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Seamless connectivity with BM

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Workflow setup

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Web-based interface

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Improved visibility

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