Brokerage Ecosystem

You know your business better than anyone. Vertafore Canada's ecosystem of products is designed to power your possible while giving you the flexibility to work with the tech stack that's right for your goals and needs. 

Because we believe in powering the possible of EVERY Canadian brokerage

Your goals, your focus, and your clients are unique to your brokerage. And that’s why one-size-fits-all solutions don’t work in our industry. 

We believe that modernization is about providing flexible and transformative technology for brokers to efficiently manage all aspects of their business, engage their clients, improve connectivity and communication with carriers, and unlock the power of data for growth and better client service. 

We're obsessed with building smart, innovative tools that support your business in today’s digital world.  


Purpose-built for insurance 
InsurTech is all we do, so our technology is designed exclusively for our industry and adapted to the Canadian market. 

Leverage the latest technology and meet your changing needs with solutions that are built to evolve over time. 

Open SaaS platform 
With our open SaaS platform and APIs, our products work together and work with the best-in-industry partners. 

Focused on partnership 
Partnership is in our DNA, from collaborating with you to working with industry leaders on best practices. 

Growth and success starts here. Find the right solutions for your brokerage.


The foundational broker management solution for your core business.

A simple, modern, mobile customer self-service portal    

Unlock the power of productivity with MyBrokerHome broker dashboard: Simplify, streamline, and succeed! 

A perspective that shifts from software applications to an open platform

SIG Digital SaaS Platform for brokerages

Digital Client: Your customers expect 24/7 access to information and want to communicate the way they want, at the time and where it’s most convenient for them.  

Digital Broker: Brokerages need to provide the tools and a flexible work environment that enable staff to spend more time fostering client relationships and generating revenue and leads. 

Commercial Broker: In this competitive industry, brokers need the right tools that allows them to sell and manage commercial business effectively.  

Orange Partner Program: A suite of fully integrated partner solutions with existing Vertafore Canada products for brokers to benefit from right out the box. 

Carrier Data and Connectivity: CSIO standards, real-time market connectivity, as well as efficient document management to serve customers at the speed of modern business.  

Carrier Integrations: Operational effectiveness, improved customer service and speed that comes with taking advantage of direct integrations with carriers.  

Data: Consolidation of data into business intelligence across systems to enhance customer service, operational excellence, drive innovation and transactional efficiency. 

APIs: APIs are strategic enablers for brokerages for a more seamless user experience, less duplicate data entry, and higher efficiency. 

Because one size doesn’t fit all

You need a tech stack you can't outgrow with the flexibility to meet your brokerage's unique needs. Whether you have one office or 20, SIG is the foundation for your growth. And with our open SaaS platform, SIG is designed to integrate with Vertafore Canada’s and 3rd party solutions to streamline workflows, improve retention, and drive new business. You choose what's best to maximize your success. 

SIG: Your foundational management system

InsurLink: Create a modern client experience

MyBrokerHome: Critical information at your fingertips

COM: Power up your business for commercial lines